Instructional Methods

I strive to provide instruction in multiple manners to best meet the needs of all of my learners. The main focus of my classroom is it to be student-led, with a variety of activities being included in this.
These include whole group activities, small groups with Mr. B, and small group/individual work stations. 

In math, we used a Flipped Classroom to maximize our in-class time.
Further details about this technique are explained here, with the Flipped Videos being hosted here.

Whole Group Activities
Because my classroom is a student-led classroom, I usually use whole group activities as either a quick review session or introduction of new material. VA Studies and science are primarily taught through whole group instruction. Some activities include:
  • Review basketball
  • Beat Mr. B/Find His Mistake
  • Class Discussions
  • "Oh Yeah" words

Small Groups With Mr. B
Small group instruction is the primary way in which I instruct students. The grouping methods vary by subject area. For reading and math, each student is in a group with similar level peers. I do this so I can best meet each student's individual needs. Using a set rotation schedule, each group meets with me for multiple times per week, ensuring I am offering the maximum amount of support to each student. 

Small Group/Individual Work Stations
While I am working with small groups, other students are working at independent or small group stations. This allows students to revisit old skills, practice skills in a hands-on or technology-based format, and to develop automaticity and peer-to-peer skills. Some of these stations include:
  • Polygon Pizza
  • Differentiated reading and math programs on the Chromebooks
  • SmartNotebook Interactive Math Activities
  • Daily 5 Activities
  • Writing/producing a green screen skit. For further details, click here.