Teaching Philosophy

One of my main passions in education is building positive relationships with students and empowering them to be self-directed learners. I challenge my students to become leaders of their learning, self-regulate, develop a growth mindset, and help each other to grow. This was supported with numerous conversations, role plays, and class meetings. They have become mature, responsible students who can problem solve without adult intervention.

Beyond developing relationships, I continuously seek ways to use innovative teaching methods. This includes a flipped math classroom, in which students view a video demonstration of a math concept at home and apply the knowledge in class, exploration of primary sources in Virginia Studies, gamification, and small group/individual instruction. Each day, I meet with different leveled groups or specific individuals to provide targeted guided reading and math instruction. While I am working with students, the other students are working at individualized math or reading stations, including various reading and math interactive websites, a hands-on manipulatives station, and Daily 5 reading goals.

Finally, It is my firm belief that family involvement is crucial in educating a child. Families are the first teachers of children. I believe they should continue to take a leadership role in their children's education. We must work with families to best meet the need of all our learners.