References and Testimonials

"He understands the needs of his students and goes above and beyond to accommodate those needs. As a result, his students have the utmost respect for him and work very hard in his presence."

    • Kim Brown, co-teacher

“Justin also strives to keep the parents of his students engaged with ongoing literacy and math evening sessions each month. This proved to be beneficial to both his students and their parents who often say they can't help their student with math. Justin's passion for helping his students become self-directed learners with a positive growth mindset as well as his personal drive as a life-long learner would make him an excellent addition to any teaching staff"

    • Joey Waters, principal

"Thank you for being an excellent teacher. I really like the way that you get us excited and we don't have to sit all day. I also like that you create things."

    • former student

"The expertise, genuine curiosity for learning, likeable personality, passion for teaching, intelligence, eager work ethic, natural and instinctive way with children, and sense of humor that Justin exhibits sets him apart from other educators."

    • Carrie Burke, 4th grade team member

"His drive, strong work ethic, and desire to share ideas with others will be a great asset to your organization. Due to Justin’s hard­working and dependable nature I am confident that he will become an indispensable resource to your organization."

    • Tim Grant, Director of Technology

"He challenges kids to think outside the box, to be creative. He teaches in a manner that captures the student’s attention and when you have their full attention, the lesson learned is retained much longer and in some cases forever. He has brought the technological world we live in into the classroom which we believe gives the students a jump ahead of other teaching methods that will be invaluable to the students in their future."

    • parent of a former student